Fox is one of the many celebrities that have had people start rumors of his death. A sad truth of living in the public eye is that people are more prone to try and spread rumors of your death. Such has been the case for a slew of celebrities over the years that have had to come forward and assure fans, and in some cases loved ones, that rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated. To help squash any ongoing false reports of your favorite actor being gone before their time, below are six of the most surprising death hoaxes ever to plague Hollywood. Although the perpetrator later apologized for the hoax and claimed to be a fan, Braff did not find the joke funny. Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone was not happy about fake reports of his death. Still, the news hit a lot of fans hard and the fake reports were shared by a lot of people before the actor was able to get online and clear things up.

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By joanna on June 19, in Hot Gossip! He later posted an ambiguous message on his Sina Weibo, seemingly confirming his relationship with Grace. She waited in one area for approximately ten minutes, during which she busied herself by scrolling through her cell phone and smoking a cigarette.

The couple from Netflix’s ‘The Kissing Booth’ have been dating in real life since ‘The Kissing Booth’ Co-Stars Are Dating in Real Life and Fans Are Loving it | floor8 The latest Netflix romcom The Kissing Booth has fans in ://

Except this couple started in Instagram fan-fiction first. Millennials had Kimye and Hiddleswift. The series has already raked in over 55 million views in its first season. Annie and Hayden are both massive social media celebrities in their own right, but when they first appeared in a vlog together earlier this year, their fans became enamored with the idea of the two as a couple. Fans have seen Annie throw temper tantrums, lose her first tooth, begin school, learn to ride a bike, and enter puberty.

Naturally, when she began spending time with a boy for the first time at age 12, her online fanbase of nearly 20 million followers across social platforms freaked out. The boy in question was fellow social media star Hayden Summerall. Summerall had become huge on Instagram and Musical. In a video uploaded to the Bratayley family channel on April 13, , Hayden can be seen hanging out with Annie and her family at a pizza shop doing cartwheels, splits, and grabbing the vlog camera to do silly impressions of Annie.

As the two tweens appeared together on screen for the first time, comments flooded in. Fans attempted to decode the body language of the two young stars throughout their shared few minutes on screen. Fans construct elaborate storylines that play out in the form of fake text message exchanges among Annie, Hayden, and their other social media celebrity friends like Maddie Ziegler on Instagram.

Throughout the summer, the Hannie fandom spread like wildfire across Instagram, Tumblr, Musical.

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (DWTS)

It doesn’t matter whether someone is an active or retired wrestler, as nostalgia always allow older wrestlers to be relevant. There are many stars who appear to be too young to be grandparents at this point, and yet they have already reached that stage. Others may be old enough that it isn’t a surprise, but considering that they were active wrestlers not too long ago, some fans may still find it shocking that they current have grandchildren.

With every passing year, there are wrestlers who adapt their latest role as a grandparent, and the numbers should only increase in the upcoming years.

I guess they should find a low-stakes way to let the kids know that KPOP stars can love their fans, but not in that way (the only time I can actually remember a band from anywhere dating a fan, it was in a western country, most likely my country of the USA).

Well, we’ve been dating for about a year and a half and are very much in love. She’s pretty popular in the porn world and has been in about movies or so. I’ll have to look up the accurate number. I’m a pretty normal guy actually. I’m 22 and work at a firm in LA doing bookkeeping and such. We met through a mutual friend at a party and hit it off immediately. I knew she was a porn star when I met her and it was a little weird at first but I’m pretty cool with it now.

A Bad Case of the Dates: Now a Whole Lot of Bad Date Fans Know, Too

When asked about the tour, Gomez stated: My favorites were Britney Spears and Janet Jackson so I kind of want it to be a bit more dancing and make it about entertainment and about the show and the songs as opposed to how big the stage and effects are. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.

To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me. The camera begins to zoom in on earth and down into a house where Gomez has fallen asleep after looking at star charts.

What with the tabloid weddings, familiar faces constantly getting together and breaking up, and the internet going wild with rumors about celebs we love loving each other, it can seem like the Hollywood dating scene is a closed circuit where only card-carrying members are allowed

The Oakville native is a Canadian race car driver. Dancing With The Stars: He also won IndyCar Iowa in July His fame got enriched when he secured the semi-finalist position with Sharna Burgess in the 23rd season of Dancing With The Stars in The year-old started his career by finishing third in the open-wheel race at Bridgestone Racing Academy back in His consecutive win landed him in the Star Mazda Series in where he finished 3rd. Afterward, he joined A1 Grand Prix in and raced with the team till During the time, he also provided commentary for the Eurosport coverage of Champ Car events.

James was hospitalized and was unable to race in the ‘s session. Interestingly, he also participated in the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars in the same year.

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The former Olympic figure skater is part of the all-athletes line-up in Season 26, which premiered Monday, April 30, but already has a target on her back from fans who don’t think she deserves a chance on the popular reality show. They are, of course, still upset over the infamous attack on Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan who competed on season 24 of Dancing With the Stars , where she was clubbed on the knee by an attacker during practice for the U.

It was soon determined that the attack was arranged by Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, along with Shawn Eckardt and his friend Derrick Smith, who drove the getaway car. Gillooly and Eckhart pleaded guilty to racketeering for their involvement in the attack. Harding, 47, denied having any involvement or knowledge of the attack, but pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder prosecution. She was banned for life from the U.

 · Porn Stars Page 1 of 2 (1, 2): I know there are lot of fans of pornography on this have any of you ever stopped and wondered about the damage female pornstars have for taking so many c*cks and forgein objects in their holes??’s think of the realistic and graphic aspect of Porn..I know I am evil and I had too

News that the two are “not dating. In their free time, people sometimes hang out. They had a friendly lunch. That’s all,” our insider added. He doesn’t have a girlfriend There’s no special woman in Val’s life other than his mom. It’s not unusual that dancers from the hit ABC show have found themselves swaying into a romantic relationship. After all, everyone is ridiculously good-looking, and you’ve seen the intense chemistry that hits that ballroom.

But it seems like Val and troupe member Jenna are the latest twosome to take that flame further than the dance floor. News has obtained exclusive photos of the pair displaying some sweet PDA while grabbing some lunch after wrapping a day of rehearsals in West Hollywood. Val looked very happy. He had an almost calm look of happiness and contentment.

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Every girl in the industry does it, so why scorn porn stars who do it legally? Everyone in the adult business has a passion for sex. We all want to be successful and that means something different to everyone. I was 19 years old. Looking around at some of the other girls in the house I quickly understood that I was very lucky to have been able to afford a round trip ticket and to be going home that day.

I flew down again a month later I was promised a full schedule like usual and there was no work for me.

Now, in another twist of cinematically fueled fate, two The Kissing Booth stars are dating IRL, and fans are straight-up losing it. Yes, Joey King and Jacob Elordi are a couple off-screen. Yes, Joey King and Jacob Elordi are a couple /psa-stars-kissing-booth-dating-irl-no-fans.

Copy and paste it over to abadcaseofthedates at gmail dot com. Click here to learn more about it! Crystal and I had made plans to meet up at the nearby university bookstore on a Wednesday evening. She was a recent graduate in management, was a pretty blonde, and had just ended a long-term relationship with her college boyfriend. We met up, I bought her a coffee, and we sat down. I asked her, “What’s next for you, now that you’ve graduated?

Working on a side project. It will change everything.

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A dating site recently spent time going through their stats and have identified where all the true single Star Wars fans live. It’s safe to say that Force is with us here in the United States. It’s safe to say that Force is with us here in the United ://

According to a recent A. In an industry of this size and scope connecting to and sustaining a devoted fan base is an opportunity AND a major challenge, especially when your competitors are engaging in an all-out battle for the hearts, time, attention and wallets … of your fans. Globalisation, emerging new sports, time constraints, rising costs and especially the socialisation of media are influencing their expectations, behaviour and spending patterns.

What makes fans tick? Which psychological, sociological and philosophical phenomena drive fandom? Usually kids would first get attached to a particular sport, then to a team and then to a player.

Celebs Who Crossed The Line With Their Fans