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This was mentioned on the previous CU4 HF1. This CU seems a biggy with many many fixes and new stuff as well in it. Took a while to read over them. There some great information on whats new though check it out here In addition to various bug fixes, several new features are included in this update.

Verify the Microsoft Lync Server certificate and Microsoft Lync Server installation and make sure that the active Match Making Service is reachable. External References This monitor does not contain any external references.

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Install the Response Group Service. Install the Response Group Service and the other required components: Depending on your topology, you may also need to install the Web Components Server. If you have an Enterprise Edition expanded topology, you must install an additional certificate on the Web Components Server in addition to the IIS certificate. Install the Office Communications Server R2 administrative tools.

One thought on “ Lync – Cannot update active Match Making server because SQL Server does not respond ” RX April 30, at pm. Build a Website for Matchmaking Service. Evaluation of Intels Active Management Technology, TRITA-ICT-EX 37, Unified Communications with Lync

Now that we agree on the terminology, let me give you a very short explanation of the purpose of this service: From this traces we can extract the logical behind the response group engine. Basically the hosting framework will handle the incoming call and decide if it needs to transfer the call to the match making service. The match making service will decide to which agents he can transfer the call to. Without getting too much in details, this is what is going when a call hit a RG: Handle the incoming call , create a new instance of a workflow 2.

The workflow will then: Make some checks to see if it can accept the call ii. Find the appropriate workflow iii. Play the welcome prompt using TTS or default music. Validate the hours of business are open v.

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Most of the time joining a Lync Meeting is as simple as clicking the meeting link in a meeting request or Join in the Lync main window and then selecting an audio option. But sometimes, based on your location and device, you might need to check your settings, use a workaround, or join in a different.

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Recent Matchmaking Changes and Issues 5 that is not endorsed by Microsoft. Microsoft buys AltspaceVR’s Save. Brink getting free DLC in June; matchmaking update now live. Ben many of which were already included on the day. Over the past few years, Seattle entrepreneur Nick Soman had made significant progress with his matchmaking platform, LikeBright.

Lync Web App is the browser-based version of Lync that allows people who don’t have a Lync account and haven’t installed the Lync client to participate in Lync meetings, using either a Windows or Macintosh operating system.

But sometimes you have document attachments that do not have records that they can be attached to yet, and may have to create records and then attach them after the fact. In these cases you can take advantage of the unattached document feature and even add workflow processes around the document to make sure that it gets processed by the right people.

Select the document that you want to process and submit it to the Document Management workflow process. In this case we are linking the Unattached Document record to a scanned image that we have loaded into SharePoint. Through the workflow process the AP clerk will be notified that they have a document that they need to process. By following the Unattached Document link they are able to view the scanned image directly from within SharePoint.

The next step is to create the AP Invoice record based off the scanned image. To attach the Unattached Document to the invoice for reference, click on the Attachments button within the Attachments group of the Vendor Invoices ribbon bar. Then click on the New button in the menu bar and select the type of document that you want to associate the scanned invoice to. In our case we will use the AP Invoice document type. To search for the Unattached Document and link it to the attachment record, click on the Functions menu and click on the Select A Document File menu item.

This will give you a list of all the Unattached Documents. Just select the record for the scanned invoice, click on the Select button, and then click the Close button. This will add a link to the document within SharePoint and you can even click on the Open button in the menu bar to view the record within SharePoint.


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A blog about Lync Server with a specific focus on Response Group Application and Call Park Service. Tag: Match Making Service Understanding Lync Response Group. Before starting to give some clarity on the Response Group itself I want to get clear on the terms I might use: Response Group Service and Response Group Application.

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April 28th, Benjamin Moebius No comments A vulnerability is a weakness that enables a cybercriminal to attack computer hardware, software, or services. Companies or individuals sometimes find vulnerabilities in the software of other companies, and there are different ideas about what to do with that information. Some companies disclose it publicly, possibly with the idea of pressuring the owner to fix it quickly.

However, this also exposes vulnerabilities to cybercriminals. Last summer Microsoft announced that we would be working directly with researchers and vendors to minimize the security risks for customers through a process called Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure CVD. Last week we announced an update to this process.

Mar 20,  · I asked this over in the Lync Monitoring forums, but they recommended it was posted here. With the critical alert – “The passive Match Making Service cannot connect to the active Match Making Service.” the alert does not disappear after the actual fault has cleared. I have looked into the · i guess you have to go back to the lync forums.

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Response Group Service stops repeatedly. /

Windows 7, Windows Server 2. R2 Enterprise Edition 3. R2 Standard Edition 3.

One thought on “ Lync – Cannot update active Match Making server because SQL Server does not respond ” RX April 30, at pm. While this fixes some issues, please be aware that this will cause a *blip* in service so beware when you try this in production.

I asked this over in the Lync Monitoring forums, but they recommended it was posted here. With the critical alert The passive Match Making Service. For Microsoft Lync, a cloud service based on Microsoft Lync , Matchmaking services, Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. The service failed to register an active Match Making Lync , match making. Lets talk about accomplishing more in the digital world. Lync Response will handle the incoming call and decide if it needs to transfer the call to the match making service.

Lync Cannot update active Duplicate entries of RGS services The Match Making service could not transfer the call because of an error in the queue lync; Lync ; lync ; lync on. Comments Download Microsoft Lync Server 2. Application Server and Response Group Service. Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit: Response Group Application the upcoming Microsoft Lync Server no agent is available to service Lync matchmaking service Ostatnie wpisy.

Skype for Business Server Plan Doelstellingen In deze training worden de volgende functies van Microsoft Lync Enhanced Services actieve en wachtende.

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Hi Folks, We have a strange issue with the response groups of Lync. It seems that the response group randomly stops working, what means that the users can’t receive their call trough the response groups. The quick fix is to restart one of the Lync front end servers.

Oct 20,  · Understanding Lync Response Group If you play a bit with OCSLogger (tool to collect traces from Lync components, available when you install Lync Server) you will notice two main components for RGS call handling: RgsHostingFramework and RgsMatchMakingService.

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