Stoke-on-Trent — Stoke-on-Trent is a city and unitary authority area in Staffordshire, England, with an area of 36 square miles. Stoke is polycentric, having formed by a federation of six towns in the early 20th century. It took its name from Stoke-upon-Trent, where the town hall, Hanley is the primary commercial centre. The four other towns are Burslem, Tunstall, Longton and Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent is the home of the pottery industry in England and is commonly known as the Potteries. Formerly a primarily industrial conurbation, it is now a centre for service industries, the name Stoke is taken from the town of Stoke-upon-Trent, the original ancient parish, with other settlements being chapelries. Stoke derives from the Old English stoc, a word that at first meant little more than place and these variant meanings included dairy farm, secondary or dependent place or farm, summer pasture, crossing place, meeting place and place of worship. It is not known which of these was intended here, because Stoke was such a common name for a settlement, some kind of distinguishing affix was usually added later, in this case the name of the river. The county borough of Hanley, the boroughs of Burslem, Longton.

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Royal Doulton stamped pieces with identifying marks and symbols that provide collectors with important information about origin, age and value. The factory produced stoneware, decorative bottles and sewer pipes. The company became “Doulton” in With his son Henry, John Doulton established the factory as a manufacturer of fine English stoneware. Identification Royal Doulton, like other brands of pottery, china and porcelain, can be identified by a backstamp.

Royal Doulton provides a classic variety of tableware arranged according to category, brand, type and design. Get your everyday tableware, teaware, fine dining and accessories. Copper cookware, stainless steel cookware, cutlery sets and kitchenware are all available at the store.4/5(8).

Other items Beswick Animals and Birds Ref. A rather dumpy blue tit on a twig, with a ladybird. Condition is excellent, undamaged and unmarked. With its original,rather scruffy, cardboard box. A greenfinch on a twig with blossom. The base bears the label ‘Beswick Made in England Greenfinch’. With a Beswick box, not original. An early figure from the revivial of the Bunnykins.

Royal Doulton backstamp, copyright date is , but this is probably somewhat later. The figure stands approx.

Royal Doulton Figurines

This book has been one source for my information here. Some patterns are quite difficult to find, I have managed to collect a piece with every pattern created by barbara vernon and waltar hayward, here are a few examples of the harder to find early patterns and pieces from my own collection. Early pieces sometimes have the green royal doulton stamp as well as shown here during ‘s and 40’s. I am always happy to help out where I can, just message my id through the ebay system with any questions.

People often seem to make the mistake of thinking because it has the date on it that this is when the item dates to. This is not correct, this stamp with the copyright is seen on later pieces

current Royal Doulton figurines, character jugs, Bunnykins, Beatrix Potter and more. World’s largest collection of current and discontinued Royal Doulton figurines.

More than a century ago it was part of a larger dinner set. I hope you will learn a bit more about the company and will get some ideas why you should collect Royal Doulton nowadays. Royal Doulton has been decorating English houses for two centuries. Royal Doulton is the name of an English ceramic manufacturing company, which was established in London, in Such companies like Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Wedgewood, Spode and Mintons were already well established and known not only in England but also internationally.

Since its existence, the company manufactured a wide range of ceramics. Apart from stoneware articles and salt glaze sewer pipes, products of Royal Doulton included dinner sets, cookware, porcelain, glass items, jewellery, lighting , curtains and other gifts and collectables. The company produced three main brands: Royal Doulton, Royal Albert and Mintons.

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Posts about Royal Doulton I of course was much too excited to hold back, The table below will help with dating your Royal Doulton Dickens royaal and. Guide to dating Royal Doulton Marks and Doulton ceramics. Clear photos and descriptions of actual pottery marks and backstamps, all. Royzl about Royal Doulton I of course was much too excited to hold back, The table below will help with dating your Royal Doulton Dickens figures and. Clear photos and descriptions of actual eoulton marks and backstamps, all.

Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Figures We have lots in stock Items are boxed DBH were never made and DBH18 is a moneybox DBH made in England.

By the s 3 businesses had grown from the original pottery and these were brought together as Doulton and Co By , Henry Doulton had launched the Lambeth Studio with local designers and artists who experimented with a variety of materials and glazes in an industrial setting. Today their pioneering work commands increasingly high prices. Now the business could adopt a bold new logo — adding a crown to the British lion — and a classic brand name — Royal Doulton. Under Charles Noke, it successfully moved into the market for Character Jugs too.

Between the World Wars, the name Royal Doulton became synonymous with the finest English china across the world. ETC offered the excellent translucent quality of bone china, without the expense. Royal Doulton Archives give the business and its designers access to some 10, watercolours dating back to And the Doulton Lambeth pedigree lives on with modern limited edition Lambethwares. From the twentieth century onwards, the pedigree of the Lambeth and Burslem Studios has been followed through with the work of key individuals.

It also has a Design Studio based in Stoke-on-Trent, and a state-of-the-art production facility based in Indonesia. Today, Royal Doulton is at the forefront of retail and e-tail with a lifestyle offer that covers the classic and the contemporary, tableware and collectables, oven to tableware, and personal style. See also Doulton and Co.

The Studio of Tableware Royal Doulton Fable Dinnerware

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Royal Doulton was an English company producing tableware and collectables, dating from Operating originally in London, its reputation grew in The Potteries, where it was a latecomer compared to Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Wedgwood, Spode and Mintons.

This edition is slightly larger than the previous, with pages of text and 32 pages of colour. Additional information in the Bunnykins Commemoratives section, plus the new additions to the figurine section account for this increase. DB1 through DB is now listed and priced. Commemorative wares incorporating the Bunnykins Extravaganza Event in Stoke, May 11th and 12th, are now listed. The transfer of the production of Bunnykins figures to China has certainly caused a disturbance in the Bunnykins market.

All now compete in a very competitive market place, and all are produced in the Far East. It is interesting to note that the most outspoken opponent of the new Bunnies promotes a Snowman Series which is manufactured in the same area. For all the hoopla of Bunnykins sinking into to the sunset, it certainly is not confirmed by the pricing trends in to The 3rd edition catalogue prices are ten to fifteen per cent higher than those in the second edition.

Markets correct, it is a sad fact of life, but they will move higher again in the future.

Royal Doulton Made In England HN Series M Series

Dating Bunnykins Plates Why not Buy and Collect in-store? Results 1 – 48 of Comes with its original box, copyright date on the box is This mark is used on Bunnykins nursery ware.

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Please note that we are currently away on holiday. Orders can still be placed but will not be shipped until 1st April We also accept cash, cheque or postal orders. Contact us before ordering. Derby winner, Bois Rousse. He was modelled by Arthur Gredington, who, along with Albert Hallan, was responsible for the vast majority of Beswick horses until he retired in Gredington and Hallan were succeeded by Graham Tongue, who added many more horses to the range and continued to do so after the move to Royal Doulton.

Most Beswick horses were produced in gloss or matt finishes the latter is usually more desirable several colourways. It is also the figure with the longest production period, and is the most commonly found Beswick horse found today, particularly in brown gloss. Some colours are more desirable than others. You should also be aware that there is variation even within each colour, from a light tone with shading to all-over solid version, which is less desirable than the former as shading usually indicates an earlier example.

Hn Boxed Model no:

Royal Doulton

The father rabbits, bespectacled and pipe-smoking, were often based on her own father: If you leave it alone, it will grow. But her devotion to her father was such that she could not have turned down his request: Things have changed since the early Thirties when Sister Barbara first entered the convent. Visitors spoke to the nuns through a fine grille, designed to prevent both parties looking one another full in the face.

Bunnykins Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Bunnykins Price & Value Guide. FIND ‘s of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectables – each item pictured, described and with it’s price guide. Plus TODAY’s SELECTED Bunnykins for Sale, BEST OFFERS, Auctions, Appraisals, FREE Sales Advice, FREE Sale Prices, Values, Wish list and more.

The Rise and Rise of Bunnykins and Beatrix Potter Figures Bunnykins to the Fore The collectables market is fickle but during the last twenty years or so the name of Royal Doulton has consistently ranked high in the collectability stakes. The enthusiasm for the myriad of ceramics produced by the company shows no sign of failing. Even within the world of collecting Royal Doulton fashions change. The causes of these changes are as difficult to define with Royal Doulton as with any other product.

What is certain is that Royal Doulton items hold some special magic for collectors and while, say, character jugs may not be so popular this year their time will come again. Traditionally, figurines, character jugs, series ware and Lambeth pottery are the most popular Doulton collectables but in the past few years their pole position has been challenged.

The challenge has come from an unexpected and hitherto comparatively neglected area of Royal Doulton’s activity – Bunnykins figures. For many years there have been collectors of Bunnykins tableware, however the cute little rabbits which initially evolved from the characters depicted on the plates and cups and saucers had been largely ignored by adult collectors.

They had remained confined to the nursery.

Rare Royal Doulton ‘Maureen’ HN1771 Figurine – 1937