More from my site Last updated on September 18th, at But how is the love life of the female singer Lauren Jauregui? Last year, she also came out as a bisexual. She has dated or sparked dating rumors with many famous faces. Though both of them have avoided talking about their dating affair or relationship status, photos on Instagram suggest that they are dating each other in real life. When he was asked that he had a new girlfriend from Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui, he smiled and said:

Who Is Dating Lauren From Fifth Harmony

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 4. She’s not included in a behind-the-scenes photo. Two weeks later, the band’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt, tweeted a selfie captioned, “Love these girls! Kick the snake out.

Lauren Michelle Jauregui (born June 27, ) is a Cuban-American singer. She is a member of Fifth Harmony, along with Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Normani, and formerly Camila Cabello. In December of , she was featured on Marian Hill’s single, Back To Me, marking her first single outside of the Aliases: Lo & Lolo.

Fifth Harmony Lauren Jauregui enjoyed what might have been an entirely innocuous kiss with another woman at a wedding last Friday. Yet the image has gone viral online, prompting a groundswell of affectionate messages from her fans. A picture of Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony kissing a woman whom Latin Times has identified as Lucy Vives has gone viral online The picture itself is from a collage of what appear to be photo booth snapshots taken during the wedding festivities.

Therein, Jauregui appears in a slinky cleavage-baring scarlet dress, right next to Vives. They share the booth with a man and woman who may be a couple. In one picture, the possible couple share a kiss on one side of the frame, and on the other, Jauregui and Vives do the same. The image was part of a bit of fun in a photo booth during wedding festivities that took place last Friday A supportive hashtag, LongLoveLauren, has flared up on Twitter since the image went public.

Though it’s not clear there’s any actual romance between Jauregui and her kiss partner, her fans have been assuring her they accept her if there is. One, lumosregui , wrote: A hashtag called LongLoveLauren has cropped up on Twitter in response to the picture as a place for her fans to show support Quintet: The year-old’s second from right fellow Fifth Harmony members are from left Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen and Normani Kordei For her own part, Jauregui has yet to comment specifically about the kiss, though she did post two Instagram updates about the wedding.

One Sunday post was of the bride and groom at the altar in a lavishly decorated church as the priest officiating the ceremony spoke before them.

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Her father was born in Mexico City and is a Mexican who moved to Cuba. For most of her early life, Cabello and her family moved back and forth between Havana and Mexico City, before relocating to Miami, Florida , in the United States when Cabello was aged five. She later earned her high school diploma.

Former fifth harmony dating each other 5h members. Recording academy invites new york, and former member reportedly dating rapper ty dolla sign is available on social. In , lauren jauregui after a .

If you have a specific question, please read our FAQ Page first. Lauren chuckled at the younger girl. Camila picked up her laptop. Camila and Lauren ran towards the door. Lauren took the pizza from the guy. Camila just stood their looking at the blonde guy. The pizza guy winked at Camila. Making Camila blush like a tomato. Lauren walked to the door.

Camila closed the door before waving to the pizza guy. Lauren never thought Camila was this strong after working out with Normani all the time. Lauren choked on her pizza and burst out laughing.

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By Desiree Murphy 2: Best Lifts, Kicks, Tricks and Flips! While their chemistry on the show was certainly undeniable, the year-old athlete set the record straight on their relationship while chatting with ET. It’s not ever crossed the line of dating. Her and I were definitely intrigued by each other — her being Australian, you know, the spicy Australian with the accent — and she’s a beautiful girl and a great person.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony — Camila Cabello, Lauren Jaugueri, Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton and Dinah Jane Hansen — are incredibly talented singers with individually adorable personalities. Oh, and every last one of them is drop-dead beautiful.

March 24, at 2: Are they still together? Who is Lauren Jauregui dating now? But before that, fans got another revelation. Lauren Jauregui penned an open letter to Donald Trump and came out as bisexual. Since then, many are wondering who she is dating. Does Lauren Jauregui have a girlfriend in ? Once the show ended, so did their relationship. The year-old was later dating a man named Luis Santos and they were dubbed, Lauis.

But when pictures of him naked with three bikini-clad women surfaced, Harmonizers were furious. Things seem to have ended amicably until The Vamps dissed Jauregui, prompting backlash from Harmonizers and former 5H member, Camila Cabello. In fact, fans liked to imagine a fictional relationship between Jauregui and Cabello. Her captivated four million Instagram followers were anxiously searching for the identity of the girl and found out she was Lucy Vives, the daughter of Grammy Award-winning musician, Carlos Vives from Columbia.

They have known each other since high school and reportedly dated on and off for a few years.

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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui came out as bisexual in an open letter to President Donald Trump, last year. The latest reports of her dating life claimed the singer was happy with her girlfriend. The latest reports of her dating life claimed the singer was happy with her girlfriend.

Paparazzi Problems Lately the girls have been getting swarmed by a lot more paparazzi than usual. In this imagine, Lauren and Ally are dating and when the paparazzi go to far by asking too many personal questions, Lauren flips out. My feet are fucking killing me. Lauren loved touring and everything that came along with it.

Just not so much the long plane rides. She easily preferred being on the tour bus more than she did a plane. Lauren playfully rolled her eyes at her girlfriends comment. She knew how worrisome Ally was. Most of the fans were happy, but as well as some of them being nervous about the two of them being together and the age difference being a problem. But the girls had faith in their relationship, everything was gonna turn out okay in the end.

Making their way to one of the rows of seats in the airport Lauren sat down, followed by Ally sitting down next to her. Text from — The manager: Their manager often over exageratted things.


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Camren is the name of the relationship between Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello. Lauren Jauregui spoke out against fans who “ship” her and her former Fifth Harmony bandmate Camila Cabello on Thursday, March 23, Shipped Members: Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui.

That is a hot topic of discussion on the Internet this weekend, but there is no definitive answer. Some subtle clues are pointing to a yes, but the two music stars could also be just friends. So, how did we get here? It was a huge success that catapulted the ladies into a different dimension in terms of popularity. The two musical talents apparently stayed in touch. The 8-second clip was enough to send the rumor mill into overdrive.

The acclaimed songwriter was at a bowling alley with a few friends, and Jauregui was standing next to him. There was nothing overtly affectionate about the alleged couple, but they were dressed casually which might suggest that they did spend more time together earlier in that day. Could they be working on working on new music together? Are they just two friends hooking up to see if there is more between them?