Share 0 A remarkable archaeological discovery in a Co. Clare cave has pushed back the date of human existence in Ireland by 2, years. Radiocarbon dating of a butchered brown bear bone, which has been stored in a cardboard box at the National Museum of Ireland for almost years, has established that humans were on the island of Ireland some 12, years ago — 2, earlier than previously believed. Since the s, the oldest evidence of human occupation on the island of Ireland has been at Mount Sandel in Co. This site has been dated at 8, BC, which is in the Mesolithic period, indicating that humans had occupied the island for some 10, years. However, new analysis of the bear patella — or knee bone — originally found in Co.

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Academic Institution Partnership Hydrogeological Survey of Somalia Despite groundwater being the main source of water for humans, agriculture and livestock, there is neither a hydrogeological map nor a sound policy for groundwater management and exploration in Somalia. SWALIM undertook a quantitative and updated assessment of the groundwater resources of Somaliland and Puntland and the set-up of a system for groundwater level monitoring.

Read more Supporting sustainable water resource management The development of new groundwater sources in Somalia is fraught with challenges. Read more Sustainable water use Water is Life!

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The Dark Knight In Gotham City, the Joker robs a mob-owned bank with his accomplices, whom he tricks into killing each other. That night, Batman interrupts a meeting between the Chechen, a Gotham mobster, and the Scarecrow, but suffers wounds from the Chechen’s dogs, allowing the Chechen to escape and prompting Batman to redesign his Batsuit. Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon contemplate including new district attorney Harvey Dent in their plan to eradicate the mob, as he could be the public hero Batman cannot be.

However, Batman wonders if Dent can be trusted. Bruce runs into Rachel Dawes and Dent, who are dating, and after talking to Dent, he realizes he is sincere and decides to host a fundraiser for him. Lau, a Chinese mafia accountant, informs them that he has hidden their money and fled to Hong Kong in an attempt to prevent Gordon’s plan to seize the mobsters’ funds. The Joker arrives unexpectedly, offering to kill Batman in return for half of the mob’s money, an offer the mobsters refuse.

In retaliation, the mobsters hire the Joker to kill Batman and Lau. The Joker issues an ultimatum to Gotham, stating that if Batman does not reveal his identity to the public, people will die each day. When Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb, Judge Surillo, who was presiding over the mob trials, and Gordon are murdered, the public’s increasing pressure prompts Wayne to decide to reveal his identity.

Before he can, Dent announces at a press conference that he himself is Batman and is arrested as part of a plan to draw the Joker out of hiding. The Joker attempts to ambush the police convoy carrying Dent, but Batman and Gordon, the latter whom had faked his death, intervene and capture him.

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Healthy 22 – 45 year old patients with untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnoea The Sleep Research Laboratory at University of Melbourne and the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health are recruiting obstructive sleep apnoea patients, years old, for a study on memory and mood. Participation involves a 1. In essence, it is the responsibility of supervisors to provide induction and training for all research trainees.

This should cover research ethics, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, as well as technical matters specific to their discipline.

Google Play App. App Store App. Search. Search. Search. About. Lex and Terry® is a Nationally syndicated morning radio program hosted by Lex Staley, Terry Jaymes, Dee Reed, Ian Gleason and Sarah B. Morgan. Join this well-known edgy crew. Nothing is sacred. Call us on Footer.

Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Blue to Bree’s pink Butt-Monkey: He’s always picked on for his inability to get girls or for being short. Then by Elite Force, he gets more respect, but at Oliver’s expense. Just about everyone who’s ever wanted to be his friend has ended up having ulterior motives: Those are basically all of the people he’s ever been friends with who weren’t on a mission team with him, which was a big factor in his inferiority complex.

Lampshaded by Bree in Unauthorized Mission, and even Kaz thinks so too. It’s later revealed in Lab Rats: Elite Force why he can be so bossy—being mission leader was always a part of him, and it was something that he didn’t want to lose. After being rescued by Kaz, Oliver and Bree, and thinking about Skylar’s performance in her first mission in a long time, he abolishes the Mission Leader title.

He and Leo are the master snarkers of the show. Chase was greatly hurt when Sebastian betrayed him after he thought he was as innocent as all the other soldiers were. In One of Us, he believed S-1 may do the same, showing just how badly Sebastian wounded him.

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It turns off every 3 min! Then after pressing play few times it just stops working. That one always played.

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Share The Joker is the most frequently occurring villain in Batman: Voiced by Mark Hamill, this incarnation is well-known for his manic, screeching laughter. While he does not die in Batman: Like his movie and comic counterparts, this animated Joker is a twisted sadist who torments others for his own amusement. His obsession with destroying Batman reaches its peak in the animated straight-to-video feature, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

It is revealed that this Joker is an imposter and that the real one did indeed die, as is shown in a flashback scene. Robin is held captive for three weeks in the partially demolished Arkham Asylum and is subjected to invasive and brutal forms of torture. The Joker’s scheme is for he and Harley to start a family, and they decide to “adopt” one of Batman’s young partners.

Poor Tim is transformed into Joker Junior, a pint-sized spitting image of his “father”. To add fuel to the fire, the Joker also states that while being tortured, Robin revealed Batman’s identity as Bruce Wayne. Batman attacks the Joker and threatens to kill him, but the Joker manages to injure the Dark Knight and then offers the Jokerized Tim the privilege of killing his former mentor.

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Healthgrades collects data and other information regarding hospitals, physicians, long-term care facilities and other providers of healthcare services collectively, “Healthcare Providers” from a variety of sources. Healthgrades uses proprietary processes and algorithms to select, compile and adjust certain data to generate ratings of the Healthcare Providers “Ratings”.

This user agreement “User Agreement” governs your access to and use of this Site and the Site Materials and constitutes a binding agreement between you and Healthgrades.

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Share Jewelry-wise, she sported a couple of rings and a massive pair of hoop earrings. When she finally hit the stage during the evening’s revelry, she gave an emphatic performance, at one point grabbing her own head with both hands. Demi, 25, wore a skintight black bodysuit beneath a striking set of denim chaps, accenting the look with a denim jacket Feeling free: She hit the red carpet on a pair of snowy white stiletto boots and let her wavy black hair tumble freely over her shoulders Feel the beat!

When she finally hit the stage during the evening’s revelry, she gave an emphatic performance, at one point grabbing her own head with both hands Glitz: Jewelry-wise, she sported a couple of rings and a massive pair of hoop earrings She was not short of company during her act, having been joined by Trevor Dahl of the DJ trio Cheat Codes onto the stage. Demi was photographed at one point affectionately throwing her arms around Trevor and smiling through their embrace. While onstage, Demi also spent a bit of time swanning about with her female backup performers, who were dressed elegantly in black.

At times Demi threw her arms into the air Showing what she’s got! The lowest buttons of her chaps were left open to reveal her footwear Helping hand! Demi was photographed at one point affectionately throwing her arms around Trevor and smiling through their embrace Demi leaned close enough into one backup performer’s face that the two women wound up singing into the same microphone.

She was also seen reaching out toward the derriere of another performer, who was at that point bending down in front of Demi.

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She lives in a small apartment with her friend, Jen , and they fulfill their lives by stealing from rich people, one of them is Bruce Wayne. She is extremely proficient in disguises, proficient in guns, and an excellent hand to hand combatant. Selina Kyle first appeared in Bruce Wayne’s manor, serving as a maid under Alfred.

She was being ordered to deliver food without touching anything, but instead she got into the room and stole Martha Wayne ‘s pearl necklace, revealing that her true intention is to get Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints. Later on it is revealed that she works for Bruce’s adversary, Daggett, and she works for him so that her criminal record can be erased. But she is being betrayed, and flee herself from Daggett’s henchmen.

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Photo courtesy of WWE If legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross had scripted his return to WrestleMania after a four-year exile, it wouldn’t have gone much better. Tens of thousands of fans stood as one to cheer him, welcoming him back into the fold. There was a spot waiting for him at the announcer’s table for him at the main event too, a personal request from the legendary Undertaker, who wanted Ross to voice his final battle. But even as Ross proved, once again, that he still has it—that he can still bring context to carnage—it all felt empty somehow.

Jan Ross was supposed to be there with him as he walked the red carpet. His wife loved WrestleMania weekend—the pomp, the chance to wear her beloved Louis Vuitton and, most importantly, a chance to see their extended wrestling family. She called it “coming home” and was excited for Ross to renew his relationship with the WWE on a part-time basis.

Then one night in March, Jan was heading back from the gym on her Vespa. He had always figured he was destined to depart this earth first. But that night, a car didn’t see her in the dark and she wasn’t wearing a helmet. We went through everything together, including my three bouts of Bell’s palsy,” Ross says.

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The Lex & Terry show delivers a unique blend of lifestyle advice, humor and on-air community. The program’s formula, has hit a chord with men seeking lifestyle advice and camaraderie, has galvanized a loyal fan base that propels the show’s continued growth.

Adelaide’s “In Daily” reported that, together with host Todd McKenney, a show that was entertaining, amusing and moving was produced. Acclaimed as one of Australia’s most recognisable “Big” icons, it shares the spotlight with a handful of other famous big statues such as the Big Merino at Goulburn and the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. It is a major tourism centre and attraction now with a wax museum, a cricket museum, a busy cafe and country music souvenir merchandise.

Importantly, it is one of the attractions that provides Tamworth with a year round country music presence. Max and Warwick are pictured acknowledging the 30th anniversary of the Big Golden Guitar. Brad trumped fellow finalists Brad says he was inspired to pursue his country music career after a month-long songwriting trip to Nashville in He recorded his debut album of which his first single, Too Drunk to Drive, debuted at number two on the iTunes country chart.

Star Maker Co-ordinator Cheryl Byrnes said: Brad has a unique country spirit. The networking is extraordinary. Brad thanked his family and friends for coming out to cheer him on “all the way” from Jindabyne, NSW.

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You can also follow me on Twitter , Tumblr , or Facebook. Coming Out On Top is kind of like a choose-your-own-path novel combined with a comic book and played on a computer. See this page for instructions. All other purchasers will already have the original, sexy version! Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. After the zip finishes downloading, double click on it, or right click on it to extract all or unzip.

Stream Lex and Terry Morning Show free online. Lex & Terry, a nationally syndicated morning radio program, delivers a unique blend of lifestyle advice, humor and on-air community to men

Ric Flair and Sgt. Rob Parker about Sid’s match later in the night against Sting; included backstage footage of how Vader and Cactus were preparing for their match later in the show: Rob Parker with a roll up at Cactus pinned Vader on the ramp with a clothesline at 5: Cactus pinned Vader with an elbowsmash from the ramp to the floor at 6: Vader pinned Cactus with a moonsault at Vader pinned Cactus on the ramp at Booker T pinned Brian Armstrong with a flying forearm at 6:

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For less than the cost of one therapy session, you can have a great self-help tool if you are unable to get help from a specialist. Or, if you are working with a therapist, it provides many tools to assist you while you are working on your own. So far, patients are telling me that it is great. I was able to go almost 20 minutes without today. I don’t know what it is, but once I stop using the app, the ticking starts up almost immediately.

Knowing the app is on in the background mentally keeps me focused on not ticking.

Lex and Terry, as well as Dee and a few other team members (they’ve changed over the years), talk about anything and everything. The sex, dating, and relationship conversations were .

The most intriguing casting idea that Reitman had was to cast David Bowie as the Joker, which really feels like it would have been something special if it had come to pass. As it stood, development wore on beyond the intended release date and the film got no closer to getting made. Niven and Holden both passed away while the film was still in pre-production, Reitman departed, to be briefly replaced by Joe Dante, before the producers decided to drop the Mankiewicz script and take a different approach with director Tim Burton.

The result was Batman Returns, a lower-grossing film whose darker and kinkier tone had more niche appeal than the crowd-pleasing original. For the third instalment, Burton was asked back to produce, rather than direct, and development began in the assumption that star Michael Keaton would don the cape and cowl again. While negotiations continued, the production cast roles in the assumption that Keaton was on board. Also holding a pay or play contract, Marlon Wayans had been contracted to play Robin in two movies, but his character was cut out of Batman Returns at the script stage.

With the introduction of Dick Grayson in the third instalment, Wayans was expected to return, but crucially, both he and Williams would get paid whether they were in the film or not. Meanwhile, Warner was lobbying hard for the Riddler to be played by Robin Williams, to no avail. The version with Keaton, Wayans, Russo, and the Williamses at least came close enough to happening that we can imagine the parallel universe where it did, which might explain why the finished Batman Forever wound up being such a jumble of different tones.

Before the studio ultimately decided to move in a different direction with Batman, there were two main scripts in development.

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